Is “healthy” the right word to use?

I received an email recently Helen Seagle, Clinical Nutrition Manager, Children’s Hospital Colorado in which she raises a question that’s really got me thinking. Helen questions  how we all liberally use the term “healthy” in kids material.    Healthy food, healthy choices, health snacks….. She asks – “does healthiness equal “nutritiousness”?  Unless something is toxic […]

Car Accident vs Car Crash:changing public talk

Last week a local NYC paper reported on a fatal hit and run incident.“Cops are searching for three women in connection with the hit-and-run that killed a local DJ last week one of whom may have been driving when the fatal accident occurred.” The “fatal accident” got me thinking again about the conversation we’ve been having […]

3 things that make this Zika message hard to read

Many people are hearing more about the Zika virus via the media and looking for guidance as mosquito season approaches. As with all public health risk messages Zika messaging should be clear and readable for everyone. Yet, that’s not what I’m finding.  So I’m devoting some space to featuring the Zika messages I come across […]

A Zika Infographic – Pictures don’t solve everything?

Thanks to Nevila let’s talk about the pros and cons of this infographic from CNN                       I’ll quick it off with an observation. Critique #1  “101” is a reference to introductory college courses.  So if you haven’t gone to college, or aren’t familiar with course […]

“Immune system” is not for everyone

I read a post this week from a group that disseminates a range of information about Health Literacy, Communicate Health.  On their website they state that they’re “dedicated to designing better health information.”  They say they have a “crush” on health literacy. This week they blogged about  “How to Explain the Immune System”. Since I’m always on […]

DISMISSED: Patient Literacy and Effectively Communicating Discharge Instructions

Guest Blog by Andrew Jesse Brown (CUNY SPH)   In a recent podcast, Dr. Martin Zielinski, trauma surgeon and Assoc. Professor of Surgery at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, NY) discusses the results of his research on effective patient discharge communication. He studied how well trauma patients understand discharge instructions. Dr. Zielinski’s study of trauma patients […]

Petition to Stop Killing Dogs

  Here is a campaign email I received today. It is asking people to sign a petition that will be sent to Mayor de Blasio, urging him to  Stop Animal Control Centers from killing animals.        I bet if we tracked this petition, thousands will have signed by end of today.! Why does […]

Explaining Zika Virus: Health Literacy 101

The Zika Virus is now on our radar screen.  We see heartbreaking images of infants born with hydrocephaly – we hear of thousands of these afflicted babies born to poverty stricken women in Brazil.  Then we hear of Zika found in Florida or Texas.  Something about sexual transmission.  And now more about possible eye afflictions […]

domestic violence super bowl ad 2016

Big Superbowl Ads Duel: Drunk Driving vs. Domestic Violence

Two Super Bowl Ads running today. It comes down to this question – drunk driving or domestic violence. And Los Vegas handicappers, the very day of the big game are silent on the issue.   That leaves us accidental Ad critics, albeit earnest public health purveyors, left to call the game.   On one hand you […]

Some Followup Thoughts from Dr. Hochhauser

  Our guest blogger, Mark Hochhauser, has been reading and digesting all of your contributions, personal experiences, and thoughts about what’s needed to improve informed consent.  He couldn’t respond to each of you but asked me to post his summary thoughts below.  He thanks you as I do.  A GREAT discussion! ————————– Mark Hockhauser   […]

Whose cancer story is MD Anderson really telling?

  The MD Anderson 2015 Cancer advertising campaign is a take-no-prisoners, in-your-face declaration that cancer is on the run and they’re hell bent to “make cancer history.” The Ads reprise a similar Cancer Research UK “Cancer, we’re Coming to Get You” UK campaign (2013) and UK Race for Life (2015) Ad.           In […]

“New York Prison Inmates Beat Harvard in Debate”

October 8, 2015 7:08:08 AM EDT Post Submitted by Courtney Follweiler, CUNYSP  This morning I woke up a little early to write on the This American Life podcast, “Home Alone” which oddly made me feel really angry when I listened to it. But, more on that later. When I turned on my computer a news […]