Trump’s Language Deficit

  Prairie dogs can contaminate the pack with fear of a predator. But humans do it better. For most of us, most of the time, we are sensitive to the basic differences between saying something and putting it down on a page. …And then there is Trump Speak. On display almost everyday is a native speaker […]

What is your data worth?

Join Rebecca Vicente, student at Baruch College, to muse on the cost and benefit of sharing data in MoviePass. What could seal the deal for her? See if it’s the same for you, in her post at Public Linguist…

Do you speak emoji?

Communicating in images far predates our so-called smart phones, hieroglyphics in ancient Mesopotamia an example, reminds millennial Yumna Ahmed Qazi. Head over to Public Linguist for her book recommendation on emojis.

Risk of losing health insurance: does this map help?

There’s an article in today’s New York Times on how many people across the U.S. are at risk of losing their health insurance, featuring data from the Urban Institute, and a corresponding large map the Times created, that our Public Linguist is having trouble interpreting. Come on over to the Public Linguist blog to have […]

Miss USA’s answer on healthcare prompts the question: How was that even a question?

That “all the world’s a stage” chimed true on Sunday evening at the Miss U.S.A. pageant. Our now-crowned bell, er, belle representing the nation’s capital, gave a response to a judge’s question about access to affordable healthcare. Her response set social media into a frenzy. What did she mean? Here at the Health Literacy Lab we too […]

Menopausal Rats: not in my backyard !

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Car Accident vs Car Crash:changing public talk

Last week a local NYC paper reported on a fatal hit and run incident.“Cops are searching for three women in connection with the hit-and-run that killed a local DJ last week one of whom may have been driving when the fatal accident occurred.” The “fatal accident” got me thinking again about the conversation we’ve been having […]

3 things that make this Zika message hard to read

Many people are hearing more about the Zika virus via the media and looking for guidance as mosquito season approaches. As with all public health risk messages Zika messaging should be clear and readable for everyone. Yet, that’s not what I’m finding.  So I’m devoting some space to featuring the Zika messages I come across […]

A Zika Infographic – Pictures don’t solve everything?

Thanks to Nevila let’s talk about the pros and cons of this infographic from CNN                       I’ll quick it off with an observation. Critique #1  “101” is a reference to introductory college courses.  So if you haven’t gone to college, or aren’t familiar with course […]

“Immune system” is not for everyone

I read a post this week from a group that disseminates a range of information about Health Literacy, Communicate Health.  On their website they state that they’re “dedicated to designing better health information.”  They say they have a “crush” on health literacy. This week they blogged about  “How to Explain the Immune System”. Since I’m always on […]

DISMISSED: Patient Literacy and Effectively Communicating Discharge Instructions

Guest Blog by Andrew Jesse Brown (CUNY SPH)   In a recent podcast, Dr. Martin Zielinski, trauma surgeon and Assoc. Professor of Surgery at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, NY) discusses the results of his research on effective patient discharge communication. He studied how well trauma patients understand discharge instructions. Dr. Zielinski’s study of trauma patients […]