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Communicating Risk

Communicating Risk

Making maps that tell a clear story

Making maps that can tell a clear story

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The Simplicity Complex: thinking through messages and meaning

Trump's Language Deficit

  Prairie dogs can contaminate the pack with fear…

What is your data worth?

Join Rebecca Vicente, student at Baruch College, to muse…

Do you speak emoji?

Communicating in images far predates our so-called smart…

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Public Linguist, the Blog

New York Animal Mysteriously Dropped from Wildlife List

What’s not to LOVE about the WildlifeNYC campaign sponsored by Department of Parks and Recreation –  to increase public awareness about the wildlife all around us in the city. Feel-good photos, hyper-anthropomorphized description of New Yorkers with fur and feathers.

But what isn’t part of the campaigns is so obvious.

Head over to Public Linguist to learn this public secret…

Who we are and what we’re good at

Health Literacy Lab - Our Mission

Our Mission

We’ve put our expertise in public health and safety communications to work creating a library of easy & entertaining lessons and tips on how to create clear and effective communications. The Lab’s mission is to help bridge the gaps between professional knowledge and lay-people’s knowledge about health.

Communicating Public Health & Safety

Communicating Public Health & Safety

Serious and urgent health problems face individuals, families, communities, work forces and society. There is a growing burden of chronic disease, potential pandemics and environmental disasters. Critical to protecting people is engaging them with clear, trustworthy and timely information.

Health Literacy Lab - The Team

The Team

We have decades of experience in health education, public health, linguistics, health communication research and design, health services delivery and policy. We analyze, critique, develop and evaluate health and safety information based on a thorough analysis of what people do and don’t understand.

The Library

The Library contains an ever-growing list of lessons that will help you hone your skills in effective communication.  The Library is organized in two ways – according to health topic, and according to language and design elements.

Customized Lessons

Improve your staff’s skills in effective communication. Reduce the need for outsourcing. We can customize lessons, curricula and presentations for you. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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