Our Experienced Team

We have decades of experience in health education, public health, linguistics, health communication research and design, health services delivery and policy.

We analyze, critique, develop and evaluate health and safety information based on a thorough analysis of what people do and don’t understand, what scientific, mathematical and other concepts and skills are fundamental to understanding the specific information to be conveyed, how culture mediates information meaning and uptake, and what people want to know and how they prefer to access the information.

Christina Zarcadoolas, PhD

Christina Zarcadoolas is a sociolinguist and internationally recognized expert in health literacy and public understanding of health and science. She focuses on analyzing and closing the gaps between expert & lay knowledge and understanding, paying particular attention to how people make meaning out of complex things. The New England Journal of Medicine called her critically acclaimed book, Advancing Health Literacy: A Framework for Understanding and Action, “required reading” for public health communication professionals.

Andrea Rothenberg, MS, LCSW

Andrea Rothenberg the Director of Health Education at Mount Sinai Hospital. For twenty-six years she has been providing programs and services to individuals and families primarily in the East Harlem community. She specializes in the area of adolescent pregnancy, parenting and prevention and has lectured both locally, nationally and internationally.

Charles Platkin, PhD, JD, MPH

Charles Platkin, The Diet Detective, is one of the country’s leading nutrition and public health advocates, whose syndicated health, nutrition and fitness column, the Diet Detective appears in more than 100 daily newspapers and media outlets. Dr. Platkin is also the founder of DietDetective.com …

Wendy Vaughon, MPH

Ms. Vaughon is a health communications expert whose research and program development focuses on diverse, underserved populations who often have inadequate literacy or health and science literacy. She is a skilled qualitative researcher who uses methods such as usability testing to…

Vidushi Jani, MPH

Vidushi Jain is a young public health professional who is passionate about innovative public health initiatives that can help people lead better lives. Vidushi graduated from the CUNY School of Public Health with her MPH concentrating in Health Policy and Management. Her work experience in public, private…

Judith A. Salkeld, M.S.

Ms. Salkeld brings her extensive experience with public health, academic research and nutrition education. A graduate of Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy, she has built a professional career that has included positions at Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Harvard School…