Precautionary principle for US…spraying Glyphosate for others!

Columbia ( the country) has called a halt to full scale spraying of its coca crop ( yield cocaine) with the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup).  This year  WHO (World Health Organization) said the product “probably causes cancer.”

American drug trafficking officials think this is a bad idea ( they’d rather Columbia keep spraying away).







(photo CreditFernando Vergara/Associated Press)

In a post from last week I talked about the risk-hazard continuum.

Shame on me for not mentioning the very important public health / environmental health precautionary principle” .

Simply put, in the face of “uncertain” science, irreparable mistakes should be avoided – and the burden of proving “no risk” falls on the actor ( in this case Monsanto).


Just what part of “probably causes cancer” is difficult for us to understand?


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