Legionnaire’s Disease and Brain Eating Amoeba



I might be overstating just a tad, but something ABCNews online did today does its part in misleading the public about a breaking news health issue in New York, and undermining the good work of public health officials and providers.

I’m talking about their online coverage of the Legionnaires Disease incidence in the Bronx.

The ABC headline is straightforward.  .

—-Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease Sickens 31 in NYC


An outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease has infected at least 31 in New York City and health officials are racing to figure out the cause.


But then, the literal, physical on-screen story takes leave of accurate health information about the disease by sticking 3 bold hyperlinks to  other stories  into the page whose only link to the Legionnaires story is that they are about human health.


ABC legionnaires page









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