Our Lab

Unlike other online learning programs you won’t be taking a diagnostic or pre-test to start using The Lab.

Reason – you’re already using language. You have lots of language competency.
The best way to identify where you need to develop new competency is to try out our lessons. Simply poke around, experiment.

  • The Rack

    Each lesson will start with a message or text that needs to be revised to be clear and understandable.
    You can try to identify the problems or simply click to see the analysis

  • The Rule

    Here’s where you get introduced to the language, and to the reading and decoding rules that apply to the example.

  • The Revision

    Then you see the original problem text rewritten in better ways, after having applied to the rules.

    To ensure relevance, the Labs lessons are developed using a large and growing set of real world examples from actual health communications.