What Con Ed workers don’t want to tell you.


Con Ed WorkerOn Friday night E 97th near 5th Ave was visited by the Con Ed cone people.

Deduction:  some kind of digging, the length of the street, was about to get underway.

It’s now Monday morning and Con Ed workers are still camped out in their cars and seated on folding chairs.

They sleep here.  They eat here. …..They….

Aren’t the shifts supposed to be 12 hours?

I see at least one worker who has been here non-stop!

Temperature this weekend 90 > degrees.

Public showers – don’t know of any.



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  1. schiffer.lucas
    schiffer.lucas says:

    Chris, this is indeed an issue that is near and dear to me – I think in the same way it is to you. Beyond the people issues (blatant violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), it goes to many economic issues. Where right wing voices are often quick to discredit welfare polices and espouse a tax cuts in the name of growth strategy (which even the Congressional Research Service tells them is a fallacy), there is little recognition of what is actually welfare for corporate interest. If it is the case that employees can be made work such hours without fitting compensation – health problems related to working conditions and income disparity may persist indefinitely. I do believe that in shortening working hours to a normal eight hour day and distributing incomes more equitably we might solve more social issues that we could even fathom.

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