Health Literacy is Deep and Wide

“Well they charge all different countries all different prices for medicine.  So the Greek government will have to shop around and get a better deal.”

And so Dimitra, a middle-aged Greek lady, living on a small provincial island in the Mediterranean, recently explained to me why she wasn’t overly worried about getting her medications if there was a Grexit ( Greece leaving the Euro).

And again, through everyday conversations,  I was reminded  –

Health literacy iimagessn’t really about reading medical terms and  filling in a blank with correct health word. Most agree with this now.

We humans are fearless meaning makers taking in and revising what we “know” all the time, from all kinds of sources.

Seems if we started with this, rather than with what people can’t do, turn the health literacy paradigm on end, we’d get some where.

Just how did Dimitra know so much about pharma and global finance anyway!

Check out our new mini-lesson, “Health Literacy is Deep and Wide.”

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