Petition to Stop Killing Dogs

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Here is a campaign email I received today. It is asking people to sign a petition that will be sent to Mayor de Blasio, urging him to  Stop Animal Control Centers from killing animals.




dog petition

 I bet if we tracked this petition, thousands will have signed by end of today.!

Why does it work?

We don’t use this communication strategy to promote childhood vaccinations, or diabetes testing.  Why not? 

Could it work? 

dog petition

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  1. Clarissa Padilla
    Clarissa Padilla says:

    I agree this is an effective communication tactic because it appeals to our emotions. To see helpless animals as the face of these petitions and know state animal control centers are ending their lives resonates with many. I think it works for this issue in particular because many people feel animals don’t have a voice and we need to be there to protect their rights. The injustice of it makes people want to act. I think it would be great to use this for health issues but something like childhood vaccines is highly debated with many citing the adverse health effects as a reason to not get their child vaccinated. It may be a topic that, if petitioned for, would get some supporters but ultimately people may not get involved because our society doesn’t like to infringe on people’s personal beliefs let alone tell people what is best for their children. Similarly, something like diabetes testing might be viewed as a personal choice and setting up a petition in favor of it may not sit well with those living with it who feel stigmatized by testing their blood sugar in person. I am not saying for other issues it would not work. I think certainly for issues related to children and elderly (those viewed as needing a voice) it could work but it people’s own views, backgrounds and culture may hinder them from signing immediately. Some health issues challenge us morally, therefore we are less inclined to sign on behalf of some immediately. It speaks to our larger societal problems as an individualistic society.


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