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“Immune system” is not for everyone

I read a post this week from a group that disseminates a range of information about Health Literacy, Communicate Health.  On their website they state that they’re “dedicated to designing better health information.”  They say they have a “crush” on health literacy. This week they blogged about  “How to Explain the Immune System”. Since I’m always on […]

FOX News Announces Cuban Cure for Cancer

“Cancer Vaccine Coming to the US?” So reads the caption on the a TV news spot aired by Fox News Affiliate in Phoenix  on March 2 2016.   “It’s a medical breakthrough that could literally save millions of lives, and it could be coming to the        United States in a few years” says Banner […]

DISMISSED: Patient Literacy and Effectively Communicating Discharge Instructions

Guest Blog by Andrew Jesse Brown (CUNY SPH)   In a recent podcast, Dr. Martin Zielinski, trauma surgeon and Assoc. Professor of Surgery at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, NY) discusses the results of his research on effective patient discharge communication. He studied how well trauma patients understand discharge instructions. Dr. Zielinski’s study of trauma patients […]