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Is “healthy” the right word to use?

I received an email recently Helen Seagle, Clinical Nutrition Manager, Children’s Hospital Colorado in which she raises a question that’s really got me thinking. Helen questions  how we all liberally use the term “healthy” in kids material.    Healthy food, healthy choices, health snacks….. She asks – “does healthiness equal “nutritiousness”?  Unless something is toxic […]

Discussing Question 1

Happy New Year All, I want to start by discussing your comments to Q#1 in KidsCountONE. Please send me an email and let me know if you DO or DO NOT give permission for me to refer to you and your comments by name. Please send email to czarcadoolas@gmail.com Thanks chris

Your comments to KidsCountONE

  Dear Friends, First, I want to say “thank you” for taking time to review KidsCountONE and provide such helpful comments and questions. So far we’ve heard from professionals in the US, UK, Germany, Portugal and Australia! Very exciting. And, some of you are members of teams working on your own assessment tools for children […]

Crash vs Accident: not just tomāto vs tomáto

Suppose scientists had initially called “global warming” “global heating”; health insurers had called “managed care” “restricted care”; historians called the “holocaust”, “ murder”, or the European Union called Syrian and Pakistanis denied access into Europe,” refugees” instead of “migrants”? “Splitting hairs” ? “Word-smithing?”    Not so much. To some degree, we all see these words […]